Chapter Twenty-Five: Yiayia’s Lamb Stew


Growing up, a winter snowfall meant braving the weather to make snow angels, building snow forts, and having intense snowball fights with my brothers. But now, when the temperature drops lower than 40 degrees and the weatherman even mentions an approaching snowstorm, all I want to do is bundle up indoors with blankets and put … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Five: Yiayia’s Lamb Stew

Chapter Twenty-Four: Dakos (Cretan Rusk)


Of all the different regional foods I've tried along my travels in Greece, Cretan cuisine is by far my favorite. There is such a simplicity to it that it makes you wonder how the food could taste so good.  Fresh herbs, cheese, vegetables, and plenty of olive oil are all used to create simple but … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Four: Dakos (Cretan Rusk)

Chapter Twenty-Three: Make Your Own Cheese


Everything tastes better in Greece. Maybe it’s because when I’m there I can take the time to sit back, sip some Greek coffee and savor the food. Or maybe it is because the tomatoes truly are juicier, the fish is always more fresh, and all the pites (pies) are locally baked. Whatever it is, whenever … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Three: Make Your Own Cheese

Chapter Twenty-Two: Philautia (Self Love)


Dear younger self, Life hasn’t always been easy for you, but not because life is hard, it’s because you are hard on yourself and you are your own biggest critic. You strive for perfection and have yet to realize life is full of beautiful imperfections. You’re 16 and want to be just like everyone else. … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Two: Philautia (Self Love)

Chapter Twenty-One: Tsai Tou Vounou (Greek Mountain Tea)


While most people associate the act of tea drinking to be sophisticated and paired with crumpets, I link it with being sick. In my family, it just takes one sniffle or a lousy cough for a pot of tea to begin brewing. Thankfully I was rarely the sick one, but I definitely mastered the art … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-One: Tsai Tou Vounou (Greek Mountain Tea)

Chapter Nineteen: Galaktoboureko (milk custard pie)


It wouldn’t be right to have a blog titled “My Big Fat Greek Fanny” without mentioning where the fanny came from. I didn’t get my fanny from my mama; I got it from galaktoboureko (gah-la-toh-boo-reko), or what my friends and I jokingly call, gala-ta-booty-grow. It’s obvious that my fanny has enjoyed this tongue twister dessert … Continue reading Chapter Nineteen: Galaktoboureko (milk custard pie)

Chapter Eighteen: Mile 22


It started off great: adrenaline rushing through every bone of my body, my music playlist blasting one motivational song after the other, and it was early enough that I was easily distracted by the picturesque landscape of St. George, Utah. The colorful sunrise greeted me as my feet hit the pavement. Before I knew it … Continue reading Chapter Eighteen: Mile 22

Chapter Seventeen: Karpouzi Salata (Watermelon Salad)


If you’ve been looking for a quick, refreshing salad that can wow your guests any day of the week, then look no further than the karpouzi salata (watermelon salad) Greek Fanny style. It’s a popular summer dish that you may have already tried at a picnic or even in your own home. Or maybe you’ve … Continue reading Chapter Seventeen: Karpouzi Salata (Watermelon Salad)

Chapter Sixteen: Rizogalo


As a follower of My Big Fat Greek Fanny, you’ve learned just how easy it is to sustain a healthy Greek lifestyle. Everything from quick and tasty Lenten recipes to simple changes like walking more often, makes your Greek fanny smile. You’re eating healthier and moving around more—but now it’s time for dessert. As I … Continue reading Chapter Sixteen: Rizogalo